Traffic Rules on Electric Bike in India 2020

Many countries have electric vehicle rules to regulate the use of an electric bike. Indian law requires that all-electric vehicles have ARAI approval. Vehicles with below 250 W and speed less than 30 km/hr, do not require certification- hence not following the full testing process, but needs to get exemption report from ARAI. More powerful vehicles need to go through a full testing process following CMVR rules. In this blog, we will get information about ‘Traffic Rules on Electric Bike 2019’.

Union Transport Minister India, Nitin Gadkari has said that ‘the government is looking to allow minors in the age group of 16 to 18 to ride electric scooters’. Under the current Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, people who are between the age of 16 and 18 are allowed to carry a license only for gearless scooters which are 50 cc and below and unfortunately, there is no such two-wheeler sold in India.

traffic rules elecric bike
Electric Bike

Union Transport Minister India, Gadkari said ‘”The government has approved distinctive green license plates for electric vehicles to encourage people to use electric vehicles.’ The reason behind the different number of plates for electric vehicles is for easy identification for preferential treatment in parking lots, free entry in congested zones and other proposed benefits such as concessional toll charges.

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Traffic rules on Electric Bike followed by the Motor vehicles Act –

All powered vehicles would be brought under the motor vehicles act such as driving license, insurance, wearing helmet apply on such vehicles and their users. Sources said, the group of state transport ministers to suggest changes in the motor vehicle Act has recommended this change so such vehicles don’t get the exemption.

State government Officials in the GOM meeting said that “this will be greater discipline on roads. Police don’t take action against juvenile drivers or the vehicle owner if they caught driving e electric bike and that’s because of the gaps in our laws. The electric bike manufacturers have also been exploiting these loopholes”.

A government official said that “Central government may also examine whether rights or duties of pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorised traffic can be incorporated in the National Highway Act”.

 The ministry of road transport and highways will also request the finance ministry to keep the depreciation rate at 50 percent as opposed to 15 percent on regular vehicles. Current estimates suggest that India at present has 1 to 1.5 lakh electric vehicles and the number is projected to grow to about 5 percent of the total vehicles in the next five years. India sold 24 million vehicles in 2017-2018 and barely one percent of that amount accounted for the total EVs sold. For more about types of helmets.

polarity smart electric bike

List of Fines and Penalties Applicable for Traffic Rule from September 2019 –

Offence Old Penalty New Penalty
General (offences for which no penalty is defined otherwise) Rs 100 for first offence; Rs 300 for subsequent offence Rs 500 for first offence; Rs 1,500 for subsequent offence
Road regulation violation Rs 100 Rs 500
Disobedience of orders of authorities Rs 500 Rs 2,000
Unauthorized use of vehicles without licence Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 – Rs 5,000
Driving without licence Rs 500 Rs 5,000 and/or community service
Driving despite disqualification Rs 500 Rs 10,000 and/or community service
Oversized vehicles N/A Rs 5,000 – Rs 10,000 and/or community service 
Over-speeding Rs 400 Rs 1,000 – Rs 2,000 for LMV  Rs 2,000 – Rs 4,000 for MPV/HPV and/or  impounding of driving licence 
Dangerous driving (e.g. jumping red light) Rs 1,000 Rs 1,000 – Rs 5,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year for first offence, seizure of licence; Rs. 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for subsequent offence 
Drink driving Rs 2,000 Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months to 1 year for first offence; Rs. 15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for subsequent offence 
Speeding/Racing Rs 500 Rs 5,000 and/or imprisonment of 1 month, community service; Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1 month for subsequent offence
Offences relating to accident N/A Up to Rs 5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months for first offence; Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1 year for subsequent offence
Driving when mentally/physically unfit to drive  Rs 200 for first offence; Rs 500 for subsequent offence  Rs 1,000 for first offence; Rs 2,000 for subsequent offence 
Vehicle without permit Up to Rs 5,000 Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months, community service
Aggregators (violations of licencing conditions) N/A Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh
Overloading Rs 2,000 and Rs 1,000 per extra tonne Rs 20,000 and Rs 2,000 per extra tonne
Overloading of passengers N/A Rs 1,000 per extra passenger
No Seat belt Rs 100  Rs 1,000 and/or community service
Overloading of two wheelers Rs 100 Rs 2,000, disqualification of licence for 3 months and/or community service
Not wearing a helmet Rs 100 Rs 1,000 and/or disqualification of licence for 3 months, community service
Not providing way for emergency vehicles like ambulance N/A Rs 10,000 and/or community service
Driving without insurance Rs 1,000 and/or punishment up to 3 months  Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment up to 3 months for the first offence; Rs. 4000 and/or imprisonment up to 3 months for the subsequent offence
Offences by juveniles N/A Guardian/owner shall be deemed to be guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 years imprisonment and cancellation of the registration of the vehicle for 12 months. Juvenile will be tried under The Juvenile Justice Act. 
Power of officers to impound documents N/A Suspension of driving license
Offenses committed by enforcing authorities N/A Twice the penalty under the relevant section
Taking a vehicle without lawful authority/seizing motor vehicle by force  Rs 500 Rs 5,000
Obstructing free flow of traffic Rs 50 Rs 500

Readers I hope you will get information about “Traffic Rules on Electric Bike in India 2019” Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestions. Thank you all.

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