Royal Enfield Bullet Converted into Electric Motorcycle Called “Photon” –

Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the most iconic motorcycles of our time and it has had a strong past and present amongst the motorcycling enthusiasts in our country. We are not that far away from that future. So coming back to the Royal Enfield Bullet, well, it has been given a one-off treatment wherein the Bullet has been converted into an electric motorcycle called “Photon” by the British company Electric Classic Cars, UK. The builders, UK’s Electric Classic Cars (ECC), are known to convert old school cars to electric vehicles. It is the first time the folks have worked on a motorcycle and the results are quite promising, to say the least. Barring the enormous battery packs and electronic circuits, you would be hard-pressed to find something different to distinguish it from the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Royal Enfield Electric - Photon

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Photon Specification –

It produces a steady power output of 10kW, peak output rated at 12kW. It roughly equates to around 16.32PS, significantly lower than the Classic 350 BS6 then. That is because you have a healthy dose of torque that will spurt this Photon from naught to little under 100kmph quicker than any Enfield thumper would. In fact, it is said that it goes from 50-65kmph in roughly three seconds and it takes only another three seconds to reach 80kmph. In our performance tests, the Classic 350 BS4 takes 7.53 seconds to complete the same 50-80kmph run. 

The top speed of the Photon is capped off at 112kmph (70mph). Anything faster and the range would be hampered. Speaking of range, this electric Classic can go around 130km on a single charge, which is rather unflattering considering that it has four battery packs that have a combined charge capacity of 10kWh. The batteries can be topped up full in 90 minutes via a Type 1 fast charger. Regular charging times haven’t been shared but expect it to be considerably higher.

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Looking, Lighting, Breaking System –

In terms of looks, the Photon looks largely similar to the Royal Enfield Bullet that we all know and love but if you look closer, you will find some neat changes and attention to detail. The headlamp, for example, is an LED unit and has a ring-shaped LED Daytime Running Light (DRL). Also, the fuel tank sports a different kind of pinstripe design and looks rather nice with Photon written over it. The suspension and brakes remain the same as the current fuel-guzzling Bullet. And since the weight is also largely similar, as per the report, the motorcycle rides fairly similar to the Royal Enfield Bullet.

If anyone wants one of these electric Classics, the company will provide the rolling chassis to ECC for the Photon to be built. What’s in it for RE? Currently nothing. However, it would be keeping a close eye on this project for its own electric aspirations.

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Prices –

The price that you pay for this nostalgic electric riding experience is a heartache-inducing Rs 19 lakh, without Indian customs and duties that is. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire costs Rs 33.53 lakh (without taxes). Which one would you have? The answer is obvious.

All in all, it is a great-looking motorcycle with the old-world charm of the Royal Enfield Bullet packed in a modern package that is future-ready in the form of the Photon. The report does go on to say that an electric version of the Royal Enfield Continental GT is also on the horizon and we cannot wait to see what Electric Classic Cars turns up with next.

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