Polarity Smart Electric Bike Expected Price, Launch Date

Pune based startup polarity has introduced new range of smart electric bike. Its combination of motorcycle and bicycle. Polarity has offering two categories across India- Executive and Sports bike. Executive categories includes E1K, E2K, E3K besides sports categories includes S1K, S2K, S3K. The polarity bikes are powered by electric motor with pedal assistance that ensures there’s no range anxiety for the rider. In this article ‘Polarity Smart Electric Bike Estimated Price, Launch Date’ gives information about this.

polarity smart electric bike
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Specifications –        

Polarity smart electric bike is powered by 250 watt. This motor type is BLDC (brushless dc) motor. It is likely to get a lithium-ion battery pack enclosed in its frame which should deliver a range of more than 80km. Polarity bikes have including USD forks up at front and monoshock unit at the rear. Polarity smart bikes have wheel with knobby tyres, LED lights and an all-digital instrument console. The e-bikes are built on a lightweight steel frame and all the major electric components are housed within its body.

Why BLDC Motor used –

A brushless dc motor also known as electronically commutated motor and synchronous dc motor are synchronous motor powered by DC supply electricity via switching power supply which produces an AC electric current to drive each phase of the motor via a closed loop controller The controller provides pulses of current to the motor windings that control the speed and torque of the motor.

Polarity Smart Electric Bike speed, Battery charging –

Polarity smart bike offer a range up to 80 km on a single charge. Entry level executive bike will come, a top speed of 35 – 40 km/hr besides entry level sports bike will come a top speed of 90 – 100 km/hr (expected). Polarity will also offer 3-years warranty on the battery, which comes with a minimum of 1000 charging cycle. It has a small TFT/LCD screen, proper switchgear, LED headlight, tail light and turn indicators. The top-end E3K and S3K also get Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation system.

Expected Price –

Polarity Electric Bikes Prices (ex-Showroom)
E1K ₹ 38,000
E2K ₹ 65,000
E3K ₹ 1.05 lakh
S1K ₹ 40,000
S2K ₹ 70,000
S3K ₹ 1.10 lakh

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These bikes are overall good in looking, performance, cost, city ride.  Readers I hope you get information about “Polarity Smart Electric Bike Estimated Price, Launch Date”. Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestion. Thank you all.

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