How to Check Mileage or Average of Bike –

You have planned to buy a bike, it’s necessary to notice mileage. Because it directly effect on our pocket. Mileage is important key factor of bike. By this article ‘How to Check Mileage or Average of Bike’ we describe methods to measure mileage of bike. Company also gives data about mileage but this measurement done in idol condition which is not practically justified. We ride bike in traffic, bad road, badly temperature etc. This mileage data is not appropriate according to company’s mileage data.

How to check mileage of bike
Bike speedometer

How to Check Mileage of Bike and Methods –

Everyone can easily check mileage of their bike at home. Mostly two methods are use.

First Method –

1.) Firstly fill the fuel tank above reserve. And ride the bike till the reserve point. Note the distance travelled.

2.) Immediately at this point fill the fuel tank with 1 Litre above reserve point.

3.) After this, ride the bike till the fuel not gets over. (This fuel is 1 litre above reserve point)

4.) At this point fuel (1 Litre) is over and bike is stop.

5.) Note the distance travelled.

6.) Calculate actual distance travelled.

Example – at the reserve point before 1 litre, distance = 50 KM

  At the reserve point after 1 litre, distance = 115 KM

So, actual distance = 115 – 50 = 65 KM, this distance is travelled in 1 Litre fuel so this mileage is 65 km/L

Second Method (Bottle Method) –

This is correct method to measure mileage of bike. We use special bottle, exact 1 litre capacity bottle. This bottle generally use at dealerships.

This bottle fill with 1 litre fuel and bottle is connecting to tube end to the carburettor inlet. And meter is set to 0 KM. Now ride the bike till the fuel in bottle is gets over. When bottle fuel is over, note down distance travelled. This is mileage or average of bike.

Factors that badly affect Mileage –

1.) Engine condition

2.) Tyre condition

3.) Road conditions

4.) Traffic

5.) High speed or aggressive driving

6.) Temperatures

7.) Amount of load

In this article ‘How to Check Mileage Average of Bike’, we clearly describe these two method. Second method is correct method which has accuracy about 90%. Readers I hope you clearly understood about these method. Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestion. Thank you all.

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