How to Check Bike Engine Oil – Types, Uses, Grades

Engine is a major part of bike, which define the power of bike. If we want our bike condition is overall good like braking system, riding power, pickup so it necessarily bike engine to be in good condition. For maintain engine, parts, chain system, and so use engine oil at time to time with good quality, with appropriate grades. Engine oil is use for efficient functioning as it flows around every nook and corner of engine, different parts keeping it lubricated. Engine oil provides lubrication and prevents wear and tear parts. But it necessary provides appropriate engine oil for bike. In this article ‘How to Check Bike Engine Oil – Types, Uses, Grades’ we try to understand everything about bike engine oil.  

Types of Bike Engine Oil –

Mostly three type engine oil used in bikes –

1.) Mineral oil –

This oil is use in bike at breaking time or in fresh new bike till 1000 km to 2000 km.

2.) Semi synthetic oil –

This oil is use till 3000 km to 5000 km.

3.) Fully synthetic oil –

This oil is use for special purpose and this use in performer bike (above 300 cc) after 5000 km.

                                Mineral oil is make by refined the crude oil. This oil is not provides totally lubrication so this must be use in breaking period of engine. Because the engine and various other parts comes in good position by outwear, rub through riding. While semi synthetic oil makes by using chemicals with crude oil, so this price is hike compare to mineral. Semi synthetic oil provides proper lubrication so engine life, parts work in good manner. Fully synthetic oil use in special purpose and this provide must be after 5000 km. Lubricants have property in warm condition like its viscosity goes very low and so layer of lubricant on part became very thin. So there is wear and tear the parts and engine. By this nature, we use synthetic oil because in warm condition the layer of synthetic oil is not become thin. So by this synthetic oil prevent the wear and tear problem in bike. for more about how to check bike mileage click on it.

Engine Oil Grades –

                             In market engine oil is available in grades form like as 10W 20, 15W 50 so as. Especially manufacturer decided the grades according to appropriate models with engine power. The number before ‘W’ is show viscosity of oil in low temperature. And ‘W’ is show winter, it means it show (10 W) viscosity in winter. After ‘W’ this number shows viscosity of oil in high temperate like as 60 c, 70 c. Before ‘W’ number is low, explain that when bike is start and immediately oil reach in various parts. After ‘W’ number is high, explain that its lubrication quality is good in high temperature. So racing bike, cars used 0W 40, 0W 50 like as.

check bike engine oil
Bike Engine Oil

How to Check Bike Engine Oil –

1.) Start the engine & let it idle for 3-5 minutes.

2.) Stop the engine & place the bike on its main stand on level ground, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean.

3.) Reinsert the dipstick without screwing it in and check the oil level.

4.) If required, add the specified oil up to the upper level mark, do not overfill.

5.) Quantity of oil to be filled is 0.80 litres during oil changes.

6.) Reinstall the dipstick, and check for oil leaks.

Readers I hope you clearly understood about ‘How to Check Bike Engine Oil – Types, Uses, Grades’ So you easily check bike engine oil as per requirement. Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestion. Thank you all.

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