Electronic Fuel Injection (EF-i) and Carburetor – Which one is Better ?

In sense ‘Electronic Fuel Injection (E F-i) and Carburetor – Which one is Better ?’ both system have same aim with different working process, supply the fuel is mixed with air before intake the engine. Carburetor is totally mechanical device while electronic fuel injection is based on sensors. Supply the fuel by carburetor is controlled by rider who’s maintaining the ratio of fuel and air on behalf mileage, power. In case of electronic fuel injection system, the ratio of fuel and air is depend on sensors, which known very well engine’s requirement.

Electronic fuel injection carbulretor

Electronic fuel injection system –

Electronic fuel injection system replaces carburetor technology for supply fuel to engine. It gives better mileage, better efficiency at higher power. In this technology fuel injection is controlled by ECU (electronic control unit). E F-i system is maintaining the ratio of fuel and air before supply to engine as per requirement automatically.

For example- if engine require 100 ml fuel, so sensors which are on engine gives command to ECU for fuel requirement. So ECU gives command and fuel injector supply fuel 100 ml to engine. ECU unit receives information (fuel & air) in the form of electric signals from the sensors. E F-i full fill the engine’s requirement so results the less un-burnt fuel in the emission.

Various sensor’s are used in electronic fuel injection system are as- 

1.) Gas temperature

2) Engine temperature sensor

3.) Air flow sensor

4.) Knock sensor

5.) Throttle position sensor

6.) Pressure sensor

7.) Camshaft position sensor

Merit of E F-i system –

1.) This improve the efficiency and life of engine

2.) Better Atomization and vaporization so less knocking

3.) Atomization of fuel is independent of cranking speed so gives good performance

4.) Variation of ratio of fuel and air is negligible so engine performance improve

5.) Distribution of fuel is independent of vaporization hence low volatile fuels can also be used.

Demerit of E F-i system –

1.) High maintenance cost

2.)  If any time ECU is fail so fuel injection system is fail, and it’s not repair easily

Carburetor System –

This system continuous working from last 100 years. This is use in budget bike where is easily maintain at home. Carburetor supply ratio of fuel and air to engine as per decide by rider on behalf more mileage or more power. When we use this system, we are not know about engine requirement and we set this system mechanically on our requirement so engine performance and engine life poor.

For example – engine required fuel 100 ml and we set carburetor. Carburetor is mechanical device, there is no measurement and parameter so carburetor set supply fuel only 80 ml and mix air. So there is available un- burnt fuel in emission result less mileage, less power.

Merit –

1.) In sense we can increase power or mileage by make tuning

2.) Easily maintenance

3.) Low cost

Demerit –

1.) Its mechanical device so it not decide engine requirement

2.) By this engine life and performance poor                                               

 Readers I hope you clearly understood about Electronic Fuel Injection ( E F-i ) and Carburetor – Which one is Better? So you easily consider any fuel injection system as per you requirement. Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestion. Thank you all.

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