Electric Bike Revolt RV400 – Specs, Strength, Weaken

India’s first electric bike Revolt RV400 has been launched in 2019. we share knowledge in this article ‘Electric Bike Revolt RV400 – Specs, Strength, weaken’. This bike has 3 KW electric motor with 170 Nm of instant torque and a 3.24 KW lithium ion battery. The base model Revolt RV400 books with Rs 3499 monthly payment for 37 month, and addition charge for 4G connectivity. Total amount is 1,29,463. The premium variant of the Revolt RV400 gets some standard features. Three year 4G connectivity is included in the price. The total price is 1,47,963 with available 3,999 monthly payment for 37 month.

Company claims the Revolt RV400 is first AI- enabled bike in India. Once a battery is fully charge, this bike is capable of range of 156 km ( ARAI-certified) and will be capable of top speed 85 km/hr. This bike comes with combined breaking system (CBS) with disc break at both ends. The bike will be suspended by telescopic USD forks up front and a mono shock with adjustable at the rear. This bike looks is very good, impressive and will be more chance to famous among youth.

electric bike revolt rv400

Revolt RV400 Bike Specification –

Motor Power 3 KW
Drive Type Belt Drive
Max Torque 170 Nm
Range 156 Km (Eco mode)
Battery charging time 4.5 Hrs
Start Self start only
Breaking system CBS
Light system LED with projector
Fast charging Yes

Bike Strength or Properties (Why to choose?) –

1.) Motor Power – uses by 3 KW motor and 3.2 KW lithium- ion battery, so fuel (Petrol/Diesel) charge reduced.

2.) Charging – Revolt provide the fast charging, battery is charge 0 – 75% in 3 hrs and full charge in      4.5 hrs. Battery is with 72 volts & 3.24 kWh wattage. Charging option is available like there is charging socket and battery can charge separately at home.

3.) Range & Top speed– Revolt provide three mode for range and speed adjustment

(a.) Eco Mode        – 150 Km / 45 KMPH

(b.) Normal Mode – 100 Km / 65 KMPH

(c.) Sports Mode   – 80 Km / 80 KMPH

4.) Light system – Head lamp, Tail lamp, Indicators are all LED lamp. In front light there is low beam and high beam, projector in high beam.

5.) Tyres – Tubeless tyres with Front tyre is 90/80-17, Rear tyre is 120/80-17

6.) This bike has various features like as Remote start, artificial exhaust sound system, AI system which monitors riding style, Real-time battery consumption, (RBS), App smart, 4G connectivity, foot pegs adjustable in 2 way. 

7.) Kerb weight is 108 Kg and ground clearance is 215 mm so this is good for ride.

8.) Bikes come with two colours- rebel red and cosmic black.

9.) Console – All digital console meter which show how much battery is left, modes, speed, how much range is left.

10.) Revolt also provide a automatic riding feature, if bike is start and there is side stand so riding not possible but if there is not stand then riding possible. Its function very attractive and good for safety measures.

Weakens –

1.) Its range is limited so not good for long drive.

2.) If we want more speed then range reduced.

3.) Bike sound is not attractive, its artificial sound.

4.) The company did not clarify mileage.

5.) In electric functon torque is provide from 0 RPM so when get turn or immediate stop, we get jerk.

                     This bike is overall good in looking, performance, cost, city ride.  Readers I hope you understood about “Electric Bike Revolt RV400 – Specs, Strength, weaken”. Safe ride, full enjoy and touch with our website for more updates. We appear for any suggestion. Thank you all.  

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