Clutch in Bikes, Cars – Different Types, Working, And Performance –

clutch in bike

Clutch in Bikes, Cars – Different Types, Working, And Performance is clearly that Clutch is a very important part of vehicles (Bikes, Cars). Clutch is a mechanical device which transfers engine power (energy or transmission power) from engine to gear box. It’s connected between engine and gear box, both are rotating shaft. Clutch engages and disengages power transmission means connect and disconnect these two rotating shafts. Clutch is used to control the vehicles speed. Without clutch, gear is not change so vehicle speed uncontrolled.

How Does it work – working ,Performance –
change gears by clutch working

      What is the function of clutch plate ? Why to use clutch before change gears? In this article we clearly defined about clutch. In case of manual transmission car, if we want change gear without get a shock so to stop transmission energy from engine. But it’s not practically right to stop engine only for gear change. So we introduce clutch in vehicles. In main part of clutch, there is a rotating shaft. Highly friction produced material lapping on both side on these shaft. This shaft is connected with the flywheel, input – transmission is also connected with this shaft.

Because when external force is apply on this shaft so engine power (energy) is transfer in transmission system. This force is applied by pressure plate. The cover of this plate is tightly connected with the flywheel. A special diaphragm spring is connected between pressure plate and cover to maintain external force (transmission energy). It means when pressurized internal part of this spring then pressure plate is far away from friction plate, so flow of transmission energy is stop. This process is done by clutch. This way energy is transfer by clutch without stop engine.

What are different types of clutches?  –
clutch in bikes

Clutch in bikes cars – they are different Types and there working

1.) Hydraulic clutch –

This is engage and disengages engine power by hydraulic fluid. In this construction flywheel is connected with the engine shaft. Flywheel is connected with clutch plate which is made by steel or cast iron. In this clutch pedal is connected with the piston. When pressurized clutch pedal, this piston push the hydraulic fluid which is connected with the slave cylinder. Master cylinder is connected with the reservoir which maintains quantity hydraulic fluid. And after that working condition same as.

2.) Centrifugal clutch –

Its work on high speed. Its use the centrifugal force. In this use engine shaft, bush, guides, spring, outer assembly. When engine shaft rotate then centrifugal force is produced which is on connected on spring, bush. Then bush is connecting with outer assembly. And outer shaft is also rotate so power is engage, disengage by apply clutch.

3.) Semi – centrifugal clutch –

Its work on low speed. It’s working same as half centrifugal and half others. In this construction there are two portions (upper and lower) and other parts same as. Upper portion work as centrifugal clutch and lower portion work as other.

4.) Diaphragm clutch-

In this construction diaphragm is connect with the pressure plate. Pressure is apply on this diaphragm so power is engage and disengage.

5.) Cone clutch-

There are two parts male member and female member. Friction lining is put on male member

Which made by asbestos. Female member is connecting with flywheel and engine shaft. Power engages and disengages through these members of cone clutch.

6.) Multi-plate clutch-

In this construction more than two plates are use for developing highly torque. There is friction lining on clutch plate. There are also separator plates between clutch plates. There is also diaphragm spring. Pressure applies on diaphragm and power engages and disengages by this clutch.

Why clutch plate early damage? –

In case of bikes, most of bikes clutch plate damage under 20000 km. There is most of reason like as clutch lever position is not right, in traffic accelerator is not maintain with clutch lever at proper position. Big reason for damage is that gears not change at appropriate speed. For example gear is change with speed like 1st gear…speed 20 km/hr, 2nd…..35 km/hr, 3rd……40 km/hr, 3rd…..70 km/hr. So maintain life of clutches, its required gears with speed.

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