ABS and CBS Braking system – Difference, Working [2019]

ABS and CBS Braking system


What is ABS & CBS in bikes ? its defined that ,Several braking system are available in bikes. In most recent years ABS (anti- lock braking system ) and CBS (combined braking system ) are use continuously in bikes. CBS is also called linked braking system (LBS).

Combined Braking System (CBS) –

      In case of drum brake & disk brake, if we stop bike at any situation suddenly. Then will chance to lock the wheel so chance to accident increase. So introduce CBS braking system in bikes. As name as combined braking system, the braking power is introduce on both wheel (rear wheel & front wheel) at same time .


Which brake system is best for bikes ?

The amount of each brake power applied may be determined by a control valve. In this system we use only rear lever so brake power is use on both rear & front wheel. If we use front lever then brake power is use on front wheel like as other bikes.

Anti – Lock Braking System (CBS) –

ABS (anti- lock brake system) system has electronic control unit (ECU), wheel speed sensors and hydraulic valves. The ECU monitors speed of each wheel. If ECU sense that rotation of wheel is slower then speed of vehicle then it reduce the hydraulic pressure to the brake so the wheel is affected and also reducing braking force on wheel and maintain the speed of wheel. If wheel rotation is fast then it use the hydraulic pressure on wheel to maintain the speed. ABS (Anti lock systems) apply or release braking pressure 15 times per second.


               If we use normal braking system in our bike .we use brake suddenly then chance to increase to slip the bike and bike is not stop at proper location. But in case of ABS ,there is use brake lines which is connected between two cylenders. At the time of braking pressure is apply and realese very fast so wheel is not lock and bike is stop at proper location.

Components of ABS Braking System –

Speed sensors –

These sensors sense speed of wheel. These sensors use electromagnetic coil and hall effect which generate the signals to sense more & less speed of wheel.


valve is use in brake line which is controlled by ABS. If valve is open so pressure is passed master cylinder to brake. If valve is close then pressure is prevent


valves released hydraulic pressure which is store in pump.

Which is better in bikes CBS or abs.

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